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Removal Guide for Victims of Identity Theft

Removal Guide for Victims of Identity Theft

While ChexSystems doesn’t particularly care about how the troubles with your banks started it does take a little extra effort to get off of their database if you’ve been the victim of Identity Theft. If this has been the case for you the letter’s above will still help you but you’ll need a few extra documents to get the job done.

Ironically it’s sometimes more difficult to get off of ChexSystems if you haven’t actually cause a problem with your bank than if you have. Most people who deal with ChexSystems are dealing with 1 bank, maybe 2. If a thief has stolen your identity it’s possible that they opened multiple accounts at multiple banks, making the repair job a little bit more complex.

The Identity Theft Report / ITR

The Identity Theft Report or ITR is a document that you will need to remove your negative data from ChexSystems and get your good name restored. This is, indeed, the key to whether you will succeed or fail so make sure you get it done correctly. (Talk about pressure.)

By law all credit reporting agencies need to remove any information about you that is the result of identity theft. That includes ChexSystems. Your task is to prove to them that it wasn’t you who made the banking mess and in order to do that you need the ITR.

In order to get an ITR you’re going to have to make a visit to your local Police department and file the identity theft report with them. When you do this you will need a few pieces of identification and some documentation, to whit;

  1. A copy of the Consumer File from ChexSystems that you already should have, showing the inaccurate accounts and fraud.
  2. You’re Drivers License or another form of photo ID like a Passport.

The police will ask you a number of questions in order to get the information they need to file the report. Along with the usual name, phone number, DOB, telephone , address and so forth they will ask these specific questions, possibly more.

  1. When did the identity theft occur? Time, day, month, etc. Be as specific as possible.
  2. Do you know who may have gotten the information?
  3. Do you know how this person might have gotten your information?
  4. How did you find out that it you had been victimized?
  5. Which of you financial institution accounts has been tampered with / is inaccurate?

A great idea would be to write down your answers to these questions and practice them so that when they ask you can do your best giving them the information that they need to help you. And trust us, they are helping you. It may take some time and they may not be pleasant (sometimes) but the ITR is vital to your plans so just deal and get it done.

The Letter to ChexSystems

Now that you have your ITR you can proceed with the next part of the process to get your ChexSystems report cleared up completely. The Letter that you write to ChexSystems will be to tell them that you have been a victim of identity theft (obviously) and request that they completely remove any and all negative information relating to the theft.

To make it easier for you, as above, we’ve got the exact letter you need to send here for you to copy verbatim and insert your personal information.

  1. Copy the letter completely on a PC, laptop or other computer with your word processing program of choice.
  2. Fill in the info required (noted below)
  3. Methodically go through your ChexSystems report and list the accounts as shown below.
  4. Print the letter and several copies for your records.
  5. Sign the copy you’re sending and address the envelope to ChexSystems.
  6. Put the letter and your other documentation in the envelope.
  7. Mail it off to ChexSystems using CERTIFIED MAIL.

Identity Fraud Letter to ChexSystems

UPDATE: You can now report directly online or by phone using the contact information below:

Phone: 88-474-6536

Online: ID Theft Affidavit

Identity Papers You Need to Include With Your Letter

When you send your letter you’ll need to send all of the information that ChexSystems needs to clear your account. Every letter, in fact, that you send regarding your ChexSystems problem should have all of these documents;

  1. Copy of driver’s license or ID card if you don’t have one.
  2. Copy of your social security card. Front and back sides.
  3. Copy of a recent utility bill (electric or gas) with your matching name and address on it from your IDs.

VITAL – ALL the names and addresses that you use on all your documentation NEEDS TO BE MATCHING. If it doesn’t match for some reason you may still get your problems cleared up but it will take longer. It may be wise to get them all to match first and then send everything to ChexSystems. Also, if you don’t have a copy of your Social Security card you’re going to need to visit the social security office in your town or nearest city and get a new one. More information about a new SS card can be found here:

Final checklist; you need these items to be sent together in 1 envelope to ChexSystems;

  1. The dispute letter you copied, filled in and signed.
  2. The Identity Theft Report (ITR) from the police
  3. A copy of your up to date driver’s license.
  4. A copy of your social security card (both sides)
  5. A copy of a recent utility bill

We highly recommend sending the letter with all the documentation Certified Mail with the USPS. This will give you the exact day and time you sent it and will let you know the exact date and time that ChexSystems received it. Put that receipt in your records when you get it.

Remember, ChexSystems has 30 days to respond to your letter or all of the negative data about you must be removed. Normally if you did everything right they will not only respond within 30 days but will tell you that your report has been cleared up. It’s also possible that they write a letter asking for more information. This isn’t a bad thing it’s just part of their investigation, which is normal. Give them what they need and, when sending this back, include all the ID documents with it. In fact, every time you contact ChexSystems make sure you send your ID info also.

In the majority of cases of identity theft you should be able to have your negative report changed and the negative information taken away, allowing you to once again open a bank account and get back to life before all those darn problems started. Be patient. They’re a big organization and, like the federal government, they aren’t always the fastest or the most courteous.

They must work within the letter of the law however and, if you give them what they need, your record will get restored.

Good luck.