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LifeLock Review

One of the best and leading theft protection service available in the market can be easily directed to LifeLock, a reliable and effective company that has implemented among the best and most sophisticated processes to prevent identity theft, promote identity protection and ensure the integrity and long term safety of customers’ personal information.

LifeLock has been in business for quite some number of years now, introducing new packages, plans and services for individual customers who are looking for a reliable and effective means to protect their identities and to also implement reliable techniques and monitoring methods to prevent any future identity theft that may occur at any given time based on the customer’s profile, financial stability, income, reputation, career and a wide number of other factors.

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How LifeLock Works

There are three specific layers of protection that LifeLock has implemented in all of its services. The first layer of protection is the Detect mode, which effectively allows LifeLock to monitor all the surrounding activity based on the given information from a specific client and to stay alert in any possible way that the specific customer’s information gets compromised in an event where any major theft of data may lead to an identity theft shortly after the specific theft of information from the given client.

Secondly, there is the Alert layer of protection that basically alerts the customer that there his or her personal information has been compromised and will be most likely used in order to commit an act of identity theft. The monitoring software at any time might find something suspicious and the Alert System created by LifeLock will alert the customer about this event so that they can be aware that their information has been captured and being used for a malicious purpose, LifeLock will then take the third step which involves the Restore layer of protection.

In the Restore layer of protection, if the customer legitimately becomes a victim of identity theft, then LifeLock will redirect the customer to a Certified Resolution Specialist who will then work with the customer in order to handle the case in all possible ways to effectively remove the potential consequences of identity theft and to take legal action against the perpetrator who obtained the information and used it to commit an identity fraud act.

Why Identity Theft Protection is Important According to LifeLock

Identity theft protection and its continuous prevention is heavily important due to the fact that over the past decade there have been more identity theft cases than in any other period of time’s history. More and more people are creating numerous ways to obtain sensitive and personal information through online means, computerized and monitoring systems, and through other various ways to sell this information in the black market and to obtain a significant amount of benefits in using a well-off client’s information to commit acts of identity fraud such as opening lines of credit, credit cards, loans, requesting employment benefits, and any other potential economic benefit that could be obtained from this sensitive identity information and committing acts of fraud in the long run.

LifeLock considers identity theft as the number one major economic and social issue affecting the United States at any given time, and due to a whole new era of digital communication and a connected world, it is now more important than ever to use reliable and effective identity theft services and programs to prevent anything negative from happening.

Given the reputation of LifeLock and its great overall approach toward implementing new solutions, it is highly encouraged to try out the company’s dedicated plans and services to fully maintain an adequate stream of monitoring and alerts in any case where your personal information could get compromised and becoming a victim of identity fraud.

Packages and Services Offered by LifeLock

LifeLock Standard Identity Theft Protection

One of the flagship and most basic identity theft protection system offered by LifeLock includes the following membership characteristics:

  • Identity theft threat detection and alerts, ensuring any detection of where personal customers’ information is being used to commit an act of identity fraud.
  • Lost Wallet Protection, this feature allows customers to fully secure all the contents in their wallet; credit and debit cards, insurance cars, driver’s license, social security cards and checkbooks, where LifeLock allow the cancellation of these items and provide assistance to their replacement.
  • Other features from this package service include a dedicated 24/7 customer service, black market website surveillance, address change verification and a reduced identity promotional list presence where information could be compromised.
  • LifeLock Standard costs $10.00 per month of $110.00 per year.

LifeLock Ultimate Identity Theft Protection

  • Checking and Savings Account Protection, this feature enables the verification and monitoring in the opening of new bank accounts nationwide and other financial institutions to prevent identity fraud.
  • Enhance Credit Application Alerts; this feature alerts new credit account applications openings that are being made to the credit history to quickly resolve any fraudulent activity that may be present with your credit history.
  • Monthly Credit Score Tracking; this feature monitors any significant or important changes in your credit score, ensuring a proper and reliable means to pay attention to these changes whenever needed.
  • All features included in the LifeLock Standard package are also included in this package.
  • Pricing is $25.00 per month of $275.00 per year.

LifeLock Junior

  • Identity Theft Protection and Alerts; this feature monitor’s all of your child’s personal information to ensure that none of his personal information is being used to conduct illicit identity theft actions.
  • Credit File Verification, this feature allows the constant and continuous monitoring of your child’s personal credit history to prevent it from being altered or used for identity theft actions in the future.
  • File-Sharing Network Searches; this feature prevents the outbreak of information in peer-to-peer file sharing networks which ultimately give exposure to your child’s personal information which can be shared or sold globally to cause identity theft.

LifeLock $1 Million Identity Theft Guarantee

One of the main distinguishing facts about LifeLock is its ability to guarantee new and current customers that all their information will be under the Service Guarantee from LifeLock, meaning that if customers fall victim to an identity theft cause while being already enrolled with LifeLock, then the company will spend up to $1 million dollars in hiring experts, lawyers, investigators, consultants and other professionals in helping the individual get recovered from any potential damages suffered by the identity theft fraud or actions committed.

Apart from this service guarantee from LifeLock, customers will also be automatically enrolled to an Identity Theft Insurance which will reimburse for certain out-of-pocket expenses including fraudulent withdrawals, lost wages, child or elderly care, travel expenses and other wide variety of costs. This insurance is completely included in the membership of LifeLock services and does not carry any other hidden charges or deductibles to cover.

LifeLock Weak Points

LifeLock has a ton of positive features and no actual weak points, or, at least, none that the other
identity theft protection companies do not share. For instance, there are some clients who complain of delays in having their loan applications approved, because of the fraud alerts and of the additional verifications required. However, what matters is that the application is approved in the end, and no criminal used the applicant’s identity to borrow money. In the end, this small drawback is totally compensated by the safe approval procedure and the positive resolution.

What Do Customers Reviews Say About LifeLock?

Three of the most favorable and helpful customer reviews about LifeLock are presented below:

Having been a victim of identity theft fraud in the past, I wasn’t going to let another financial nightmare happen to me once again. That’s why I chose LifeLock. Ever since I have been with them, I have been notified and alerted about potential identity theft fraud actions that have been directed to me, where I have been completely able to save myself from their repercussions thanks to the great service and dedication from the LifeLock team.

Its amazing features, customer service, monitoring techniques and pricing make it unlike any other identity theft protection company I have ever seen. Thank you very much for bringing this service into this digitalized and complex world. You are definitely improving the lives of many individuals overnight.

Marianne Jacoby, 46, Palo Alto, CA.

Several years ago I was victim to four identity theft cases where I lost thousands of dollars in lawyer fees where I did not fully recover my status that I once had, until I came across LifeLock. I thoroughly worked with their dedicated team of professionals and consultants, explaining my whole situation that I had been in the past and they were able to put my credit history, credit score and my financial well-being to the outside world in an improved perspective. This entire process was made relatively quickly and it helped my life to improve in an astronomical sense. I can know finally sleep every night secure, knowing that my identity is secured all thanks to LifeLock.

Peter Farkas, 52, Orlando, FL.

One day my daughter of just 8 years old received a notice of non-payment for an $80,000 sports car that had been apparently bought under her name and social security number. I instantly remembered LifeLock junior protection service, where experts in the field worked with me and my daughter’s records to eliminate this outstanding debt and get the supposed credit history of my daughter back on track. After a few months, I received information from LifeLock in that they were able to track down the perpetrators of this identity fraud to my daughter and they were awaiting trial with a significant jail sentence in front of them. I am so grateful that LifeLock helped me in this issue and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to secure their identity and their children’s identity from anything similar happening in the future.

Jennifer Lovoi, 36, New York, NY.


We highly encourage all individuals to consider LifeLock as their number one option in terms of securing their identity from potential thieves around the country. The reputation of LifeLock and its amazing level of affordability have created a long term stream of customers who have ultimately given LifeLock the chance to establish itself in the market and have become the leader of identity theft protection services in the country.

Do not look any further and decide yourself for the best identity theft protection service available today which LifeLock. Its great and affordable plans will ultimately improve your situation if you have ever been a victim or will prevent completely any identity theft situation from happening to you or your children in the future.

If you encounter any problems using LifeLock or you are simply not satisfied with the results, you can always give it up. Just as the enrollment, the cancellation procedure is very simple, except that there is no online option available in this case.

Anyway, once you call the customer service, the system is de-activated without you having to pay anything for the cancellation. The procedure is really fast and hassle-free, but there are very few people who choose to follow it, simply because the system seems to please everyone.

Identity theft is a serious crime that can have a devastating impact over the life of anyone falling victim to it. If, by any misfortune, you land in this situation, your whole life is turned upside down. The criminals can use your identity to apply for and obtain loans that you usually end up repaying no matter whether you can afford to or not. They can also withdraw any money you may have in your bank account or shop online using your credit cards. In some cases, people end up being charged with things they never did, as a result of someone else stealing their identity and using it when breaking the law.

With so many negative consequences, identity theft is certainly something we should all seek protection against, and luckily, LifeLock does a great job providing it.

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