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TrustedID Review

Identity theft can be considered as the fastest growing crime in many countries in the world. From the records it has been observed that about 15 million people are affected by identity theft each year. It is basically stealing someone’s identity in order to pretend to be someone else. The reason for identity theft is to get the benefits from the society by pretending to be someone else. A victim of identity theft will have to face many problems and he will lose many things because of it. Therefore it is better to go for a leading Identity theft protection service to avoid facing such troubles.

Why you should go for TrustedID

There are many  Identity theft protection companies all around the world. But you should be very careful in selecting a good and a reputed company. TrustedID is a company which offers privacy, security and reputation management services to protect identity theft for individuals, families and businessman. They have been providing their service for many years with features like 3 bureau credit monitoring, monitoring your personal information, computer protection, medical report protection and many more. It can be considered as the best overall protection given by a company.

The unique features offered by TrustedID

They provide maximum protection for your identity and they work a lot on managing fraud alerts. The basic service offered by them which is also known as ‘ID essentials’ has many common features that are offered by many other companies. They will continuously monitor your work in the Internet, where you share your personal information. If they think that you are in a risk, they will guide you to be safe step by step. After that they continuously monitor you and they will update a score called as ‘Identity threat score’ to convince your progress in an easy way. If that score is high, you will be at a risk and you will be safe if it is low. This Identity theft score, introduced by them can be considered as the key feature offered by them and that really is a good for the people to stay safe.

They also offer a service called “Credit Lock” which can take care of locking and unlocking of your credit report. It is a good way of protecting Identity theft and it is commonly called as ‘freezing’ by many people. When your credit is locked, nobody will be allowed to access it and you can unlock it after a few days, after taking the necessary actions.

TrustedID for companies and families

TrustedID offer some identity theft protection solutions for companies as well. They offer a service by the name “Data Breach Defense’ and that helps the companies to protect its employees and customers. It is a good way to build relationships between the customers and they will have confidence towards the company as well. They also have an employee benefit program which gives a value for the employees in a company. They also provide custom plans for companies depending on their requirements.

They offer identity theft protection for families as well. They not only protect you, but also helps to protect the entire family. Child identity theft is vulnerable and family protection is the best way to protect the children. The family plan will protect the entire household and it does not matter the number of children and adults living inside.

Reasonable Prices

Their prices are affordable to anyone and the services are really worth for the price you pay. The average price for the services will be $10- $15 per month on individuals and from $20-$28 for families. The amount changes according to the time that you sign up for this process. The best news is that they offer a service warranty of $1,000,000 in case if an identity theft happens, but happening a theft is a very rare incidence if you seek the assistance of a company like this.

If you are a victim of identity theft, and if your data has been stolen, TrustedID will help you to resolve the issues and recover your identity. They have a claims kit and all the information regarding problem resolution is included in it. They will also let you know how to prevent from identity theft in the future.

Additional features offered

They not only keep on monitoring your credit. They also offer some additional products and services to the customers. They offer mail-list removal which will protect your mail from being stolen. Many of us have all our important information in the e-mail accounts therefore identity theft can be easily done if they can steal those information after logging to the mail account. TrustedID knows about it and they will take necessary actions to give full protection to your e-mails. They offer protection by using free anti-spyware, anti-phishing and anti-key logging software. This is a special feature where the other competitors fail to offer.

They offer the best quality service to the customers. You can always request a free quote from their website. They will help you to solve the questions you have and for that you can simply give them a call, for the number mentioned in the website. They have gained a lot of reputation from their excellent customer service.

Overall, TrustedID offers some valuable identity theft protection solutions for any type of people. They are very effective and the charges are also low when compared to the other companies in the Industry. They offer almost all the features offered by the competitors with some additional services. All the products come with a trial period of two weeks, so that you can give it a try before you pay, to see how effective it is. The website is being reviewed by many top companies in the world and you can read those reviews from the home page in their website. The website can be recommended to the clients and it has two products that would go a long way in preventing identity theft in addition to assisting you in the unfortunate event that it occurs. With some strong features like this, it would be a terrific choice to seek the assistance from a company like this.