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Lexington Law Credit Repair Firm Review

Falling in debt is an occurrence that affects millions of people in the United States and worldwide. Having outstanding and unpaid debts can greatly deter the level at which individuals can have a good credit score. In many circumstances, these debts can greatly damage the credit history and leave an individual in a tough financial circumstance for many years to come. Knowing how to properly improve credit history, credit reports and repair the overall credit score is something worthy of attention that all indebted individuals should consider with Lexington Law, a credit repair firm that specializes in delivering efficient results and optimizing the level at which individuals can repair their credit and enjoy a better financial well-being in the long term.

Brief Overview of Lexington Law

Lexington Law is one of the leading firms dedicated to credit report repair and improving the credit worthiness of individuals within the entire industry of credit repair firms. The firm offers a wide variety of services which are entirely focused on analyzing each specific situation or case in order to emphasize consumer rights, laws, regulations and other aspects into bringing the best results in terms of credit repair for customers.

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The process in which Lexington Law is specialized is to remove negative items or disputable items on the credit reports of each individual case. Lexington Law has over 20 years of experience in delivering among the best results for their customers and their services have always proven to be quite successful in removing the desired disputable items or negative aspects reflected on an individual credit report.

Lexington Law also uses a very straight and easy interface in which customers will only have to submit their credit reports and point out which items they want to be removed from their credit report in order to increase their score, reputation and overall credit worthiness. The firm is specialized in bringing among the best results in all cases in which 30% of all negative items on credit reports are removed in no more than 4 months.

Currently Lexington Law works with an estimated of 25 attorneys and over 200 paralegals in over 19 states across the United States, delivering an estimated removal of over 3 million negative items off credit reports every year in which the numbers keeps increasing every year with more and more successful cases. You can take help from a debt defense lawyer from such a reputed law firm to get out of the sticky situation. Lexington Law has proven itself to be a leader in the credit repair industry due to their great services and for having served over 500,000 customers in a 20 year period, helping indebted and credit affected individuals improve their financial well-being and getting them on the right track toward financial stability and a good credit score within a relatively short period of time.

About Lexington Law and its History

Lexington Law was founded in 1991 and has been offering its credit repair services ever since, conducting over 20 years of experience in this practice which has put the firm into a great overall perspective in the industry and the number-one choice for all individuals looking to repair their credit in a timely fashion and in a professional manner.

The firm over its 20 year existence has served over 500,000 individual customers and has delivered a great service in each credit repair case and situation. Lexington Law differentiates itself from other credit repair agencies solely based on their great customer service and the excellence in which they have obtained more successful cases than anybody else in the industry. Another major historical value is the experience that the firm has obtained in dealing with numerous cases that are different and serve as a milestone toward helping other individuals over the long term in similar situations.

Lexington Law Services

Lexington Law offers three specific types of service levels, each with a different type of service provided and with a different price range. The first and most basic service level is
Lexington Regular which covers all the essentials of credit report repair services. Individuals can make unlimited credit bureau disputes and multiple disputes within this package as long as it remains activated, individuals who opt for Lexington Regular will also have free customer support, a free initial consultation and the ability to cancel anytime without any hidden charges. The initial set up is $99.95 and a monthly payment of $59.95 thereafter is required for Lexington Regular.

The second service level is
Concord Standard which adds targeted interventions that go directly to the creditors in question. Individual credit issues with this service plan can be approached on multiple fonts increasing the likelihood of accelerated results. In most cases, results with goodwill interventions produce faster results and the overall credit repair process is processed in a more professional and faster manner. Escalated info requests and debt validation are also available with this service level. The initial set up fee is $99.95 and a monthly payment of $79.95 thereafter is the associated fees with Concord Standard.

The third and most sophisticated and effective service level is the
Concord Premier, which is a service level ideal for those individuals who want to monitor, analyze, modify and protect their credit rating in order to take the necessary actions to properly adjust their credit situation. This particular service level includes TransUnion Credit Monitoring, monthly credit improvement analysis, an identity theft insurance, email alerts through changes in the report and other dynamic tools to properly enhance the credit rating over a short period of time. The initial set up fee is $99.95 and a monthly payment of $99.95 is required thereafter.

Lexington Law Features

Moving aside the numerous features offered by Lexington Law, there are also numerous approaches that can be taken with regards to improving the credit rating and credit score based on the use of these features. The first and most fundamentally important and necessary feature is the ability of the firm to communicate with the creditor on the client’s behalf, the professional setting of this ability is to properly accommodate clients’ requests and properly adjust the creditor’s demands so that a compromise can be negotiated and established.

Other important features include the ability of the firm to aid in the process of disputing the items listed on the credit reports, improving the clients’ credit score ratings, aiding clients to rebuild their credit and achieve financial freedom and educate the public about the importance of good credit through consultations, webinars, articles, blogs and other resources.

How Lexington Law Works

The way Lexington Law works is through four different stages built on an easy step-by-step process where clients simply submit necessary documentation and go through each of the stages expecting results as they move along during the process.

The first stage is to obtain credit reports; clients will have the ability to obtain credit reports from the three major credit bureaus which are TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. Secondly, the next stage is to take legal action against creditors by indicating the disputes on your credit report and what you would like to be removed from the report. Attorneys and Paralegals from Lexington Law will review your credit report and send the proper legal challenges according to the client’s needs and demands.

The third stage involves the analysis of the credit report once legal action has been taken in stage 2. This process is simply undertaking the ability of the credit report to reflect the positive outcome expected from the legal action that was already undertaken, clients will have the ability to properly monitor the results and receive counseling from the firm’s legal aids during this vital process.

Finally, the fourth stage is basically the follow up and escalation stage where once the results are obtained, clients with the aid of the firm will have the ability to work in order to facilitate the process of the case into major defenses if the results are not up to par with the legal action steps already undertaken and with the desired expectations.

What to Expect from Lexington Law

Clients can expect a great dedicated team of experts and professionals in the area of credit repair whenever working with Lexington Law. For those individuals heavily distressed about their credit rating, they can expect a long term initiation of continuous results systematically improving their credit rating over a couple of months after legal action has been taken.

Apart from expecting these positive results on their credit rating, clients will be able to expect educational approaches toward improving their credit scores and facilitating the process in which they will be able to obtain an improved credit score and their reputation while negotiating in paying something with credit in the long term.

Educational tools, counseling, aid, recommendations and great pieces of advice are what fundamentally Lexington Law and the whole credit repair industry is all about, enhancing the financial freedom of each individual is probably the most important expectation that clients should receive guaranteed based on the professionalism and experience from one of the leading firms in the industry for over 20 years.

We highly recommend all individual currently facing issues with their credit ratings and have been victims of the negative effects from debts to fully seek the professional services of Lexington Law; their professionalism and overall customer service dedication will allow individuals in this situation to fully repair their credit ratings and improve their financial lives in a better way over the long term just by simply making the right decision in choosing Lexington Law as their main aid.

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