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Free ChexSystems Report

Free ChexSystems Report

Before knowing the tips needed on how to get ChexSystems report, it is important that you have understanding of what ChexSystems is. Basically, Chex Systems is a company that is in charge in reporting data regarding your banking history. Usually, this is the agency wherein customers from Trans Unions as well as Equifax submit the banking information of their clients. Aside information from having access to the regular regarding the clients of these institutions, one can also look for ChexSystems report containing the information of the other individuals especially when they have bad credit history. But then, ChexSystems does not affect the overall credit score of its applicants.

What is ChexSystems Report?

After understanding some of the information concerning ChexSystems, it is now the time for you to know what exactly ChexSystems report is. When talking about ChexSystems report, this is a form of banking history which contains negative information like savings fraud, bad checks and other data that is needed in order to eliminate your records in ChexSystems. However, there are many customers who are listed because of minor problems alone. These individuals are not really connected to any major fraud that has happened in the past. The sad thing is that when you have even minor problems committed, you are already listed for an infraction period of about 5 years. Because of this, it will be possible for you to do some related transactions in the future especially when you apply for a bank account. This really sounds frustrating especially when you need to use bank transactions.

Well, don’t worry because there is a proper way for you to completely erase your records. This is by successfully getting your record cleared and performing the needed ChexSystems removal tips. This way, you will be free from anxiety and other mental baggage in the future. But before undergoing such procedure, it is important first that you know the tips in getting your ChexSystems report.

The Steps Needed in Getting ChexSystems Report

As mentioned earlier, there are some tips that you need to follow if you want to get your own ChexSystems report. The very first step you need to do is to order for a copy of ChexSystems report by calling the official landline number of ChexSystems. The number that you have to call is (800) 428-9623. When making a call, there are automated instructions that you have to follow. Make sure that you understand the instructions properly so that you can easily order for your ChexSystems report. In some instances, there is a live agent that will handle your needs. This is better since you can also ask form questions concerning ChexSystems report. Depending on your question, you will be given the corresponding answer to it. It is best to make it straight to the point so that there are no misconceptions that will happen when you are already making a call.

Aside from making phone call, it will also help you in terms of getting ChexSystems report when you navigate its official page here. This will also supply you with the step by step guide in getting free ChexSystems report. Like the first step, make sure that you will follow the instructions properly so that you can successfully file for the report that you are looking for. But then, the instructions that you will encounter are all simple to follow. Thus, you will not experience any problem later on.

free chexsystems reportWhen you have done any of those measures mentioned to get ChexSystems report, what you just need to do is to wait for the document requested. Usually, the delivery of ChexSystems report will take for about few days since there are lots of people who are also requesting for the same document. If everything is well executed and the instructions or steps are followed properly, you will take hold of your report in more or less 7 days. However, there are some instances wherein the waiting period may exceed for more than 7 days. This is happens due to several circumstances. But when you are not able to take hold of the report within this specific period of time, you have to repeat the procedure again. This is due to the possibility that you have committed some problems in the past which resulted to unsuccessful completion of the steps you need to do. If you will request for free ChexSystems report the second time around, make sure that you will do the desired steps properly. But then, there are instances that when you do it the second time around, you can already perform the needed steps easily. Thus, this will never become a problem anymore.


Once you have received the report, what you need to do is to scan it. Determine if there are some negative comments present in the document. Aside from that, you must also see if there is reported information. If these kinds of reports are present, this means that you have to settle things out. Again, this will cause you an infraction period of about 5 years. During this specific period of time, you are not allowed to open your account in some banks as well as to perform bank related transactions in the future. One of the possible reported information present in your report is owed money. Though this might seem to be minor problem, this will still cause major problems for you in the future. There are even some instances wherein people are not aware that they have committed other problems in the past. This is related to those people who have used your identity. This case is called ” identity theft“. When this is present, you have to ensure that you will do the right measures needed to eliminate your name in the ChexSystems report.

Aside from looking for reported information as well as negative items, make sure that you will also assess the accuracy of the other data present. In the event that there is inaccurate information from the ChexSystems report and there is negative data available, you are surely in the ChexSystems list. This means that it will be very difficult for you to open your bank account and to perform some bank related transactions in the future. This might seem sad but there are really numerous people who suffered from this before. Depending on the type of problem and inaccurate information present in the report, there are some steps you need to take to get solution from the problem. This is to ensure that you can already perform bank related transactions in the future and completely eliminate your name in the ChexSystems list. However, there are instances wherein the information present in the list comes with errors. This should be verified immediately in order to determine if you really are the exact person involved with the problem.

Denied for a Free Report?

There have been claims that ChexSystems as well as other credit bureaus have falsely denied access to a free credit report or ChexSystems Report. If at any time you are inaccurately denied to a free credit report once in a 12 month period, do not waste your time.

Simply contact ChexSystems – or whichever credit bureau it happens to be – to warn one single time: “If this problem is not fixed I will file a report with the FCC.”

Chances are that the credit bureau will respond quickly with your free report as requested. If not, no problems – sick the regulators on the bureas by clicking here to report a problem to the Federal Trade Commission.