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Guaranteed Approval Solutions

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    Guaranteed Approval Solutions

    A lot of states and regions in the US will have plenty of banks and credit unions for you to choose from that don’t use ChexSystems and/or provide second chance checking accounts. There are many other ways you can transact without having to deal with ChexSystems, or a bank that can only be found in a specific area! Here are a few of those methods, if you are interested.

    • Horizon Card – A credit card that claims to have no credit check, guaranteed instant approval, reports to a major credit bureau, and offers a guaranteed $500 unsecured credit limit. A full Horizon Gold Card review can be found here.
    • TransUnion Exclusive $1 Trial – What’s on your credit report? Reports show that 2 out of 3 people may have incorrect information on their credit report. Find out what’s on your credit report and what to do about it, today!

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