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Non ChexSystems Banks in Washington

Non ChexSystems Banks in Washington
  • Sterling Savings Bank will use both the ChexSystems and Equifax reports to validate their new applicants. If a person has good credit, it could help them get an account even with a negative incident on the ChexSystems report.
  • Harborstone Credit Union will use TeleCheck over ChexSystems for all new accounts.
  • The Qualstar Credit Union will only allow a savings-only account, even if there are no negative reports on the ChexSystems record. A savings account allows you to use PayPal and PayPal like services to do ACH and EFT transactions. Keep in mind that, if you want a checking account, you’ll need to provide proof that all negative incidents have been dealt with.
  • First Mutual Bank will use TeleCheck to verify all new accounts.
  • Military and civilian clients may be able to have an account at the Armed Forces Bank, despite a negative ChexSystems report. Bank branches are found at McChord AFB, Fort Lewis and out of state.
  • With the Navy Federal Credit Union, current and former service members of the U.S. Coast Guard, Navy and Marine Corps as well as their families can qualify for an account.