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Non ChexSystems Banks in Utah

Non ChexSystems Banks in Utah
  • Family 1st Federal Credit Union will allow people to have a savings-only account, regardless of what the ChexSystems report says.
  • Alliance Credit Union will verify new accounts with a credit report, not a ChexSystems. People qualified for the membership are Weber County residents or for people and their families working for companies on an approved list.
  • Alpine Credit Union will verify their new accounts with a credit report instead of the ChexSystems report. Alpine School District residents are qualified for a membership.
  • Cyprus Credit Union
  • Grantsville Federal Credit Union, which is open to Tooele County residents, doesn’t verify new accounts with ChexSystems.
  • Jordan Credit Union will use ChexSystems to verify all accounts and, for folks with just one negative incident in the report, an account is often granted. Since it’s a credit union, eligible rules do apply. It’s generally open only to those folks who live in Salt Lake County or its employees and their immediate families.
  • MetroWest Credit Union checks the ChexSystems record. And, so long as you prove that an incident has been paid for, you’ll be granted an account. Of course, it’s a credit union so eligibly requirements apply: you must be a resident of Salt Lake County.
  • PNC Bank
  • At TransWest Credit Union, both a credit report and the ChexSystems report are pulled to verify new accounts. Should a person have good credit, it’ll override the negative incident being reported on the ChexSystems report. Only people living in the Salt Lake County area are permitted to have a membership with the bank.
  • An Experian credit report is used to verify new accounts at the Associates Capital Bank in Saint George.