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Non ChexSystems Banks in Pennsylvania

Non ChexSystems Banks in Pennsylvania
  • 1st Summit Bank
  • The Dollar Bank, which is located throughout the Pittsburgh area, does not verify their accounts with ChexSystems.
  • Willow Grove’s Navy Federal Credit Union accepts customers who are working for or have retired from U.S. Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Navy as well as their family members.
  • The Philadelphia Federal Credit Union does not mind opening checking accounts for people who have negative incidents that show all debts have been paid for or that proof can be given for those negative incidents. A savings-only account is also approved for any person with a negative incident on the report. This kind of account allows people to use services like PayPal for EFT and ACH transactions.
  • PNC Bank has a “Primary Access” account for folks who have negative incidents reported in ChexSystems but provide proof that the items have been dealt with. It’s just a savings account, which you can use for PayPal and PayPal-like services to do ACH and EFT transactions.
  • Susquehanna Bank