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Non ChexSystems Banks in Nevada

Non ChexSystems Banks in Nevada
  • The Nevada Armed Forces Bank, which handles business for both military and civilian clients, will approve some folks with a negative ChexSystems record.
  • Branch Banking and Trust Company
  • First Entertainment Credit Union in Nevada serves the entertainment industry employees and the families. For people with negative incidents on their ChexSystems record, an ATM Savings Accounts is granted. However, you have to pay $4.50 each month and have shown proof that you’ve paid it off. A savings account uses services like PayPal that allow you to do ACH and EFT transactions.
  • Nevada State Bank has begun a program where you take a 60-minute credit counseling class for a $10 fee. This will qualify you for the Fresh Start Checking Account so long as the debt has been paid off. Bear in mind that there is a $5 per month fee.