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Non ChexSystems Banks in Florida

Non ChexSystems Banks in Florida
  • The Gold Coast Federal Credit Union, which has branches throughout the West Palm Beach area, are willing to open new accounts so long as you’ve got documentation that shows you’ve paid all amounts off.
  • The Peoples Credit Union disregards the ChexSystems report if you open a savings account. With this kind of account, you can use PayPal-like services and conduct ACH and EFT transactions. After you’ve had this account for some time, you can open a checking account. Branches can be found in Pembroke Pines and North Miami.
  • At Compass Bank, new accounts do not get verified with ChexSystems. Rather, they get verified with TeleCheck.
  • Several BankUnited branch locations – including Lake Worth and Coral Springs – do not use ChexSystems to verify the new accounts.
  • City National Bank of Florida will primarily use a person’s credit report, not ChexSystems record, to approve new accounts. However, if you have proof that incidents have been dealt with and paid for, this can help your chances of being approved for an account.
  • GTE Federal Credit Union gives accounts to people who have negative incidents reported in the ChexSystems. However, there are stipulations for being approved:
    • No incidents should be reported in the last two years
    • A $200 deposit will need to be in the savings account
  • Florida State Employees Federal Credit Union in Pensacola does not use ChexSystems to qualify their new accounts.
  • The Members First Credit Union of Florida has a Second Chance Checking Program. However, there is a $12 a month service charge to get the account.
  • It’s been noted that Fifth Third Bank also does not use ChexSystems to verify any new accounts. But, they have closed accounts based on the information in ChexSystems.
  • It’s not known if the 1st National Bank of South Florida uses ChexSystems or if they’re open to people who negative marks in that record.
  • Navy Federal Credit Union offers current and retired Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard service members and their immediate family accounts.