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Non ChexSystems Banks in Colorado

Non ChexSystems Banks in Colorado
  • Many Colorado credit unions and banks use the Colorado Cheque Connection instead of ChexSystems. However, the company is not that different from ChexSystems but they don’t share information, which could allow persons to take advantage of it.
  • At First United Bank, which has several bank locations in the Colorado Springs and Denver areas, all new accounts are verified with the Colorado Cheque Connection.
  • The Bank of Denver’s got three Denver branch locations and use Colorado Cheque Connection for all new accounts.
  • Equitable Savings & Loan Association has a minimum $50 opening balance and does not use ChexSystems or a credit report for verification.
  • At the Credit Union of Denver, the Colorado Cheque Connection is used to verify all new accounts. However, if you have even one negative mark on this record, you’re not allowed either a checking or savings account.
  • At the Elevations Credit Union, Colorado Cheque Connection is used to verify new accounts and is only open to U of C employees and their families as well as any listed company employees and their families.
  • Partner Colorado Credit Union will check all new accounts with Colorado Cheque Connection.
  • Valley Bank and Trust may or may not use ChexSystems, and if they do, they may be willing to overlook one or two negatives on the record.
  • At the Armed Forces Bank, employees may be willing to disregard the negative marks in the ChexSystems record. It serves both military and civilian clients and can be found at USAF Academy, Fort Carson and a number of out of state branches.